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Brand:Omega Feeds
Range:Horse Feed

Omega Feeds Horse Feed
Omega Feeds has been working hard to develop a range of feeds that increase the performance of your horse, while providing maximum health and wellbeing. Working alongside veterinarian Dr David Ives, our research and development team has investigated the benefits of a "no-grain" formula, which is the basis of the Omega Feeds Feeding Concept - a concept that has been endorsed by leading horse owners, carers and riders.

The Omega Feeds Feeding Concept
Our concept is simple - we do not use grain, which is known for creating a range of health and behavioural problems in horses. Instead, Omega Feeds is based on the sunflower, one of nature's most complete food sources.

Omega Feeds combine the high fibre found in the hull of the sunflower seed, with the natural goodness of sunflower kernels and specially selected supplements. Because Omega Feeds does not include grain, our feeds are a cooling, calming source of energy that will not fire up your horse.

Horse carers wanting to reduce the impact of grain-based feeds are finding that Omega Feeds is the answer. To give your horse the best and to get the best from your horse, ask your produce store to stock Omega Feeds.

Omega Feeds No-Grain Gold 
No-Grain Gold is a blend of natural sunflower products, vitamins and minerals designed to take the place of grain in a horse's ration. Because it is a natural unprocessed high fibre feed that is similar to a very palatable pasture, horses love the taste and texture of this product.

Omega Feeds Weight Gain
Weight Gain is a blend of natural sunflower products with vitamins and minerals and wheat pollard. Horses love its taste and texture. Weight Gain is designed to provide a higher fibre boost to the energy in a horse's ration without the need to provide additional grain.
Omega Feeds No-Grain Blue
No-Grain Blue blends natural sunflower products with vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. When mixed 50:50 with lucerne chaff, No-Grain blue provides a complete horse feed that replaces grain in a horse's ration. Horses love the taste and texture of No-Grain Blue because it is a natural unprocessed high fibre feed, that is just like very palatable pasture.
Omega Feeds MaxiCoat
MaxiCoat is a mixture of natural sunflower kernel mixed with vitamins and minerals, designed to boost the energy in a horse's ration without providing additional grain. Horses love its taste and texture this cooling and calming natural energy source.