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Brand:James And Son
Range:Horse Feed

James and Son Horse Feed
With more than 100 years of experience in the stockfeed industry, James & Son is your trusted supplier of premium horse feed products. We are committed to industry innovation and the ongoing support of the Australian Equine industry.

Freshness of the product “so good you could eat it”, carefully selected grains for consistency, scientifically formulated mixes and a manufacturing process that doesn’t beat the grain, rather we blend it into a mix that provides your horse with optimal health, vitality and well being.

Our Horse feeds are made in a dedicated horse mill and being accredited a feed Safe manufacturing plant, we place the highest priority on feed safety for your horses. James & Son is a member of the Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA), which is a national industry association that represents manufacturers across Australia. The SFMA developed FeedSafe as a quality assurance accreditation program for the Australian stock feed industry.

The No.1 Feed Choice for Leading Trainers
A non-oat Muesli Mix blend of rolled and micronized Grains
The Choice for Future Champions
A non-oat Muesli Mix containing very high levels of Energy and Protein, formulated from rolled and micronized Grains, blended with Molasses and Oil.
The Choice of Winners
A loose Grain Mix, highly palatable and containing all the requirements for horses in full work
The Premium Choice in
Calm Conditioning Pellets
A palatable and nutritious Feed, containing the essential levels of Energy, quality Protein and Fibre for health and vitality. An ideal Conditioning Pellet formulated for light to moderate equine activities
The Choice for Optimal Condition
A Loose Mix that has been formulated to improve body condition.
Contains high quality Lucerne Chaff blended with rolled and micronized Grains, Legumes and Oilseeds.