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Range:Rice Hull Bedding

Rice Hull Bedding
Advantages of Whole Unground Rice Hulls
nsect resistant.
  • Do not pack, therefore, do not require as much litter depth as other types of litter material cover larger areas for same volume.
  • Easy to spread, cake very little, and clean out in half the normal time.
  • Aerate and mulch poultry litter, and will tend to move to the top as poultry droppings are added, making litter condition ideal and aiding in the maintenance of health.
  • Cushion livestock against otherwise hard surfaces which results in less foot and leg troubles, and in poultry less breast blisters and more A grade poultry.
  • Available throughout the year. Supply is not affected by seasonal factors. Consistent quality.
  • Improved thermal insulation.
  • Old litter containing Whole Unground Rice Hulls is ideal for composting and improving soil structure.