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Range:Lamb Feed

CopRice Sheep Pellets
CopRice are here to assist sheep farmers in reaching their production goals. Increasing the quality of nutrition for your flock will help to increase yields, improve lambing percentages and aid in reducing metabolic diseases. CopRice produces a range of highly digestible steam pelleted Sheep pellets formulated with the optimum balance of energy and protein for a range of different applications, including:
  • Finishing Lambs
  • Feedlotting Lambs
  • Maintaining Sheep
  • Supplementing Lactating Ewes

All pellets include a balanced vitamin and mineral ratio to ensure the nutritional needs of your sheep/lamb are met.

Lamb Finisher Pellets
CopRice Lamb Finisher Pellets are a highly digestible steam pelleted ration formulated with the optimum balance of energy and protein sources for finishing lambs on limited pasture. They provide ample nutrients for rapid growth and maximum lean meat yield and contains approved buffers to minimise the risk of digestive upsets and contribute to improved growth rate and feed conversion efficiency, when fed according to recommended guidelines.

CopRice Lamb Finisher Pellets include added essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Salt and ammonium chloride have also been added to minimise the risk of urinary calculi, which can be a problem with male lambs fed supplements for longer periods.

Ewe and Lamb Pellets
CopRice Ewe and Lamb Pellets are an ideal pasture supplement for adult sheep, including ewes and rams at joining, ewes before and after lambing and dry ewes, wethers and store lambs. They are a highly digestible steam pelleted supplement. The pellets are formulated with the optimum balance of energy and crude protein sources, selected to avoid digestive upsets and supply ample supplementary nutrients in a variety of different production situations, including drought.

CopRice Ewe and Lamb Pellets contain essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements with added rumen buffer to help buffer the rumen to minimise the risk of acidosis and digestive upsets.

Lamb Concentrate Pellets
CopRice Lamb Concentrate is a protein, mineral and vitamin concentrate designed to be fed in conjunction with grain to finish prime lambs or provide a balanced ration for all classes of sheep. CopRice Lamb Concentrate contains Acid Buf™ to reduce the risk of acidosis. Contains Bovatec® to protect from Cocciodiosis. Ammonium chloride is added to reduce the risk of urinary calculi.