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CopRice are one of Australia's leading suppliers of high quality pellets to the dairy industry. Our team at Coprice understand the needs of the dairy farmer, and have a wide range of products to suit. Owned by Australian farmers, CopRice has over 35 years experience in producing high quality, highly nutritious pellets for the Stockfeed industry. 

CopRice has the technology and the experience to accurately formulate, mix and pelletise your ration in a form that can be easily digested by high performance livestock. All of our pellets include macro minerals, vitamins and trace elements. This allows you to achieve improved performance through improved nutrition.

Premium Calf Pellets

CopRice Premium Calf Pellets are a top quality,highly palatable starter that helps to ensure early intake, rapid rumen development and fast, efficient growth.

  • Fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Superior protein source for growth and development
  • Rumen buffer to reduce the risk of acidosis
  • Highly Palatable for easy introduction
  • Scientifically formulated

CopRice Premium Calf Pellets are a top quality, highly palatable starter that helps to ensure early intake, rapid rumen development and fast, efficient growth.

Fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, CopRice Premium Calf Pellets are an ideal first dry feed for newborns right up to weaning or to approximately three months of age.

Heifer Rearer Pellets
CopRice Heifer Rearer Pellets are a medium density, highly versatile rearing supplement for feeding with roughage and/or pasture to dairy heifer replacements from weaning (around 12 weeks of age) until the transition phase. It is formulated with the optimum balance of protein and energy sources, with added buffers to avoid digestive upsets. High in rumen bypass protein, CopRice Heifer Rearer Pellets provides an increased level of true protein for growth and development, with calcium and phosphorus to promote strong and healthy bone development.

CopRice Heifer Rearer Pellets are fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as copper, cobalt, selenium, manganese, iodine and zinc as well as added rumen buffer and lasolacid sodium. Rumen buffer is added to help reduce the risk of acidosis and lasolacid sodium used in the prevention of coccidiosis and in turn helps achieve efficient rumen development, helping to improve growth rate and feed conversion. This enables target service weight to be achieved sooner, therefore lowering the age of first service and subsequent calving.

Lead Feed Pellets
CopRice Lead Feed Pellets are a high protein, high energy ration designed to be fed to pregnant cows three weeks prior to calving to allow smooth transition to lactating diet. Lead feeding helps to maintain high feed intake, which in turn help to maintain high milk production while reducing weight loss in early lactation.

The protein and energy in CopRice Lead Feed pellets is specially formulated to provide the nutrients required to properly prepare pregnant cows for calving and to adapt her to the lactating diet. Preparing cows adequately for calving through lead feeding has been shown to greatly improve animal health and performance throughout lactation.

CopRice Lead Feed Pellets contain anionic salts to assist in balancing the dietary cation-anion balance or DCAB of the diet. Anionic salts assist in the prevention of post calving metabolic disorders such as milk fever, ketosis and retained placentas.

Beef Grower
Grower Pellets are an ideal feed for finishing young cattle in a feedlot situation, supplementing pasture to increase output and product quality, or feeding during conditions of pasture shortage and drought.

CopRice Beef Grower Pellets are a highly digestible finishing supplement formulated with the optimum balance of energy and protein sources. The ingredients in the steam pelleted feed have been selected to avoid digestive upsets and supply ample nutrients for rapid growth in a variety of production situations. CopRice Beef Grower pellets contain essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements with added rumen buffer to help minimise the risk of acidosis and added monensin sodium to help improve growth rates and feed conversion efficiency.

Dairy Concentrate Pellets
CopRice Dairy concentrate pellets are a high protein pellet designed to be fed in conjunction with grain to deliver a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for lactating dairy cows. CopRice Dairy Concentrate includes Availa® 4, Acid Buf, Bovatec® and Tylan® to help maximise production, fertility and heard health.
Beef Concentrate Pellets
CopRice Beef Concentrate is a high protein pellet designed to be fed in conjunction with grain to deliver a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals to beef cattle. CopRice Beef Concentrate contains Rumensin® to improve growth rates and feed conversion efficiency, Acid Buf™ to reduce the risk of acidosis, and Tylan® to decrease the incidence of liver abscess.